Friday, 10 May 2019

Soft Zinc Pressed Metal

Australian Pressed Metal Group Announces New Release of Soft Zinc Panels

The Australian Pressed Metal Group’s (APM Group) dedication to the restoration of heritage buildings throughout Australasia continues with the new addition of soft zinc. Soft zinc is the perfect product for heritage projects requiring replacement, repair or restoration of like-for-like material.

APM Group has invested years of extensive research and development into producing the closest/exact match to the original material used. Samples of original zinc panels were obtained by APM Group from three heritage listed buildings at locations across Australia;

  • Carlton Spinder House York Street Sydney, NSW
  • Flinders Street Station Melbourne, Victoria
  • Western Australian Cultural Centre and Museum Perth, WA

Each of the three samples were analysed and tested by Australian metallurgist company CCE (Corrosion Control Engineering) for their exact composition and mechanical properties. Further investigation into original production and manufacturing processes via the Powerhouse Museum NSW led APM Group to search worldwide for a company with the capabilities to produce the exact soft zinc.

The restoration of heritage buildings can now be completed with authenticity with APM Group’s ability to utilise original material, patterns and installation techniques.

APM Soft Zinc pressingPreservation of Authenticity/Original Dies

The Australian Pressed Metal Group assures commitment to the heritage restoration of Australasia’s iconic buildings. With our extensive knowledge and experience working across Australasia on heritage projects, APM Group has accumulated a wealth of information and understanding of heritage architecture. The use of pressed metal in heritage buildings is more extensive than many imagine. There were two manufacturers of the pressed metal products used in our heritage listed buildings; TW Inghams, a South Australian company, and Wunderlich, based in NSW and Victoria. TW Inghams specialised in producing pressed metal panels from the late 1800’s, and to this day, TW Inghams’ dies remain in their original condition. They were acquired by Adelaide Pressed Metal in early 2000 along with original catalogues and manufacturing literature. These dies are THE ONLY ORIGINAL PRESSED METAL DIES in Australia and are being restored and used today by The Australian Pressed Metal Group.

However, only copies of the original Wunderlich patterns now remain, with many altered from their original state. Records show that over 4,000 original dies were destroyed. The only original remnant of Wunderlich Pressed Metal Division today is the drop hammer displayed in the Powerhouse Museum in NSW.
Extensive research and experimentation over the past decade has led to the restoration of the original TW Ingham dies, as well as exact replicas of original Wunderlich patterns, cornices, roses, bosses, mitres and fascia’s. Australian Pressed Metal’s expansive library of Wunderlich replicas, in conjunction with the TW Ingham’s originals, ensures Australian Pressed Metal offers complete heritage pressed metal restoration solutions.
APM Groups’ continual investigation of products and methods enables us to have the largest range of pressed metal products in Australasia and ensures the highest quality restoration of our heritage architecture.

Commitment to the Future

The Australian Pressed Metal Group is committed to preserving Australasian architectural heritage into the 21st century. APM Group’s contracting arm, National Pressed Metal is a licenced and specialised team experienced in demolition, lead paint removal, restoration, repair and installation of new and existing pressed metal products. Sympathetic to original methods of production, National Pressed Metal (NPM) provides a knowledgeable team that specialises in unique skills for fabrication, manufacturing and installation of heritage and bespoke pressed metal products. NPM marries the techniques of yesteryear with modern construction standards and technology.

In order to provide products for contemporary applications, as well as heritage restoration, APM Group has added products to our catalogue including a high-grade aluminium (a product only available to us with 21st century technology) as well as copper, brass, soft zinc and heritage galv. APM Group understands the strengths and limitations of each material we supply and can offer advice and recommended operational uses accordingly.

APM Group collaborates with heritage groups and consultants on a range of projects and we draw on over 40 years’ experience working with heritage and pressed metal products.
Australian Pressed Metal Group are Licenced Builders, Code compliant and are members of Master Builders Association. Contact us at